Scallop Hunt with us!
July 1st to Sept 24th

Searching for scallops is so much fun it has made Citrus County a world famous destination for this unique and satisfying activity. Our Master Captain will lead your group to the Gulf of Mexico for 4.5 hours of salt water delight! Take a leisurely day out of your hectic vacation and relax with confidence on our comfortable boats. Feel the wind in your hair, smell the salt in the air and bask in the sunshine while we take care of the details!

Nestled in the shallow grass beds off the Homosassa River, scallops spawn in summer and then reach the end of their life cycle. These delicious morsels are just waiting to be someone's dinner! Like an Easter Egg hunt under water, you never know what wildlife you may see out there... dolphins, sea turtles, starfish and seahorses. Corals, remora, pufferfish and conch... what will you discover on this adventure? Our Captains and guides are highly qualified and experienced; you are in good hands and will have a phenomenal time!

Rental Boats Available for Scalloping-see boat rental section.

  • Scalloping Tour - River Safaris
  • Scalloping Tour - River Safaris
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Sensational Scalloping Collective - Semi-Private 6 Passenger Vessel

  • Accommodates up to 6 people
  • License, mask & snorkel, fins and scallop bag included
  • 4.5 hour tour
  • Captains must remain on board, but an in-water guide is available for $65
  • Maximum harvest is 10 gallons per boat

Private Scallop Quest - 6 Passenger Vessel

  • Accommodates up to 6 people
  • License, mask &snorkel, fins and scallop bag included
  • 4.5 hour tour
  • Captains must remain on board, but an in-water guide is available for $65
  • Maximum harvest is 10 gallons per boat

Personal Scallop Picking Party - Private Tour up to 12 Passengers - Homosassa

  • Boats accommodates up to 12 people (6 people on each boat)
  • Everything needed is included. License, mask & snorkel, fins and scallop bag all provided!
  • Maximum harvest of 10 gallons per vessel (you have two vessels)
  • Bottled water included (you may bring additional refreshments or snacks)
  • Captains must remain onboard, but are happy to give instructions. Guides are available for an additional $65.
  • Departs at 7am & 12:30pm daily. Please call for booking if within 24 hours


  1. What time does the tour leave your dock? Our 6 passenger boat are scheduled to leave at 7am and 12pm. Our 10 passenger boats are scheduled to leave between 7am and 11am, depending upon the load tide.
  2. What kind of a boat will we be on & how many people will be on it? Our 6 passenger vessels are either flats boats or pontoons.
  3. Do we need a fishing license? The Captains license covers everyone on board the vessel.
  4. How long is the trip? Approximately 4.5 hours.
  5. Will the Captain get in the water with us? No, Captains are required to stay on board in order to keep a lookout for any swimmers that may need assistance and to notify swimmers if another boat is getting close, but you do have the option to pay extra for an in-water guide to accompany you on your tour.
  6. Will there be life vests on the boat? Yes, all the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission and U.S. Coast Guard required equipment will be on board.
  7. What should we bring? What you want to eat, drink and wear. We highly recommend packing your lunch in a cooler so that you have a cooler to bring your catch home in. As you will be out in the Gulf for several hours, sunscreen, a t-shirt to wear to keep your back from getting sunburned will make you much more comfortable.
  8. Can we have a private tour? Yes, take a look at the information in this section.
  9. Are there bathrooms on the boat? No, ask your Captain what your options are which will depend on your location at the time of need.
  10. Is Tipping required? Tipping your Captain is expected on this trip and is part of the pay he/she receives for their services to you.
  11. Do we snorkel or use dive tanks? You will be snorkeling on this trip. The depth of the water will vary from 4 to 12 feet depending on the tides and where the scallops are found. If you wish to snorkel scallop, you must schedule a private tour and provide all your own gear.
  12. Do scallops bite? No, they do not bite or sting. Scallops are picked up by hand or use a dip net. They move in the water by quickly opening and closing their shells and can pinch if you get between the shells so do not put them in your pockets.

A Very Successful Scalloping Season!