Guided Scalloping - Trips are approx. 4- 6 hours
July 1st - September 10th

To gather scallops you get in the water in the Gulf of Mexico with a mask and fins and
collection bag (all included). You hunt scallops in the sands and grasses like hunting for Easter eggs.

There are many different animals to be seen under the water so take a camera and take your
time, it is beautiful down there.

Rates: $75 per person or minimum of $300. Leave from our waterfront location.
10 person maximum.

Departure Time: 9am. Other arrangements can be made, please let us know what your needs are.

We Supply: everything you need except what you want to eat, drink and wear. We suggest bringing sunscreen, towels and sunglasses, socks & t-shirt to wear while swimming to protect your back from Sunburn.

Fishing License Information
Will be provided for up to 10 people. Children age 15 and under and seniors age 65 and over will not need a fishing license. Recreational harvesters need a Florida saltwater fishing license to harvest bay scallops, even when scalloping from shore.

It's beautiful under the water.
We Snorkel All Year Round in the Gulf Of Mexico.

Snorkeling in the Gulf
is available Sept. 26th - June 30th
$75 per person or $300 min.
Mask, Snorkel, Fins & Wetsuit ( in winter ) included.

A Very Successful Scalloping Season!

Private Scalloping Trip
$95 per person or $380 Min. Max. 15 people on Pontoon Boat
6 Person Maximum 24 Foot Bay Rider Flats Boat
Rental Boats Available for Scalloping-see boat rental section.

Fishing Trips

  • Private Guided Fishing
  • $300 up to 2 people - $50 per person extra - 4 person max.
  • Includes license, bait and tackle
  • Trips last 4 to 6 hours
  • 24 ft Bay Rider Flats Boat

Multi Party Fishing $75 Per Person -
4 individuals or group needed to go - max on the
boat is 8 people.
Available October - February

Family Fish and Swim Trips

  • $300 for up to 4 people
  • $50 per person extra Maximum number of people is 10.
  • License, bait, tackle, mask snorkel and fins provided.
  • Bring or purchase in our cafe drinks and food to take along
  • Trip lasts four to six hours

Many species of fish may be caught including:

speckled trout, redfish, shark, cobia, Spanish mackerel, sheepshead grouper, sea bass, tarpon and many others.

Our fishing trips are for the casual fishermen/women. We do not target any special species but will go after types of fish we can expect to catch at the time you go out.

Trips last 4-6 hours. Departure time: 9 am unless different time is arranged.
Bring what you want to eat, drink & wear

Please contact us about planning your next adventure on the Homosassa River in Old Homosassa Florida!

*One half of the trip payment is required at time of reservation - 1/2 of that payment is refundable if cancellation is made at least
48 hours in advance. Trips cancelled by the Captain will receive full refund.