Pontoon Tours

Look for something exciting around every bend in the Homosassa River!

All Homosassa tours go by Monkey Island.

Monkey IslandPontoon Boat Tours

SPRINGS TOUR- Visit the "Blue Waters" where the Homosassa River begins. Many species of fish freely travel from the Gulf of Mexico into the springs. Manatees arrive from the Gulf of Mexico from November thru March to spend the winter in the constant 72 degree (23C) fresh water. The Springs Trip also cruises through "downtown" Old Homosassa by Shrimp and crab boats and around little Bird Island - a small nesting and roosting area for Great Blue Herons, Cormorants, Anhingas and more. Approx. 1 hour 1/4 hrs. Three (3) person minimum

SWIM AT THE SPRINGS - April, May & June
134 hours - includes mask, snorkel and fins. approx.1 hour swim time, - 4 person mimimum.
Manatee Swim November - March

BACKWATER TOUR - After passing Monkey Island, Downtown Old Homosassa and Little Bird Island you'll cruise to Tiger Tail Island-the site of a former Sugar Cane Plantation and on to Shivers Bay where the town of Homosassa actually began. There's plenty of History and views to enjoy. 1 hour 15 min. approx. Three person minimum

GULF OF MEXICO TRIP - Travel the scenic Homosassa River along the edge of the Chassahowitizka National Wildlife Refuge thru "Hell's Gate" to an open view of the Gulf of Mexico and Islands. Approximately 1 3/4 hours with a 3 person minimum

SPRINGS TO GULF TRIP - Visit the head waters of the Homosassa River then take a leisurely ride the full length of the river to the Gulf of Mexico. Approximately 2 1/2 hours at with a 4 person minimum.


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